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  • Mass production: Non bacteria & virus hybrid humidifier humi

  • Established THE HEALING Co. Ltd.,

  • Mass production: Plasma Air Purifier

(Factory: #801, 101-dong, 22 samjak-ro, bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do)

  • Selected for national project (Seoul Uni.)

  • Selected for national project (KIPA)

  • Business relocation (Sept.)



  • Selected for Strategies for the Utilization of Intellectual Property (KIPA)

  • Selected for Start-up Growth Tasks (MSS)

  • Target to mass production of air purifiers for removing harmful gases (Oct.)

  • Selected for IoT product commercialization (SBA)

  • Selected for product commercialization (Seoul)

  • Selected for Startup NEST 4th batch

  • Selected for Didimdol Project (Start-up business)

  • Website renewal

  • Patent registration: Skin care device

  • Patent registration: Sterilizing foot mat

  • Patent registration: Device for harmful gas removal

  • Plasma Air Purifier launching (Dec.)

  • Awarded as silver prize in Korea Invention Patent Exhibition


  • Certified R&D department(No. 2017150236)

  • Registered as venture company (No. 2017010124)

  • National project

Creative factory stage 1&2(Seoul National Uni.) / Creative factory prototype(Aju Uni.)

  • Product development: LGU + tractor / Medical device (china) / electric rice cooker / Medical devices


  • Patent application: Device for cooking gas removal(household use)

  • Patent application: Edge protector

  • Patent(design) application: Air purifier with high deodorization efficiency

  • Patent registration: Noiseless Natural evaporative type humidifier

  • Product design: Portable coin dispenser, personal air purifier (1st)

  • Website renewal

  • Online sales open

  • Product development and production, MOU with sales company

  • Family company agreement with Sahmyook Uni.

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